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Spider veins caused nearly half a million people to seek sclerotherapy last year. If you have varicose veins or other damaged and broken blood vessels that are causing you embarrassment, call Bello Corpo Med Spa or make an appointment online for a consultation at the Woburn, Massachusetts, clinic.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the scientific name for the treatment of superficial leg veins. Also known as spider veins, they appear on the thighs, lower legs, or ankles, and are pink, red, or purple. Spider veins can be the result of: 

  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy
  • Trauma
  • Long periods of standing or sitting

How is Sclerotherapy Performed?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution of glycerin and lidocaine into the affected veins. The solution irritates the lining of the vessel, causing your veins to swell and stick together. The treated veins become scar tissue, and the color diminishes over time.

The number of veins treated depends on the size and location of the veins you're removing and your medical condition. The number of veins treated depends on the size and location of the veins you want to be removed and your medical condition (larger veins are usually treated first).

Dr. Jenny may also use a foam solution for larger veins. The foam covers more surface area than the liquid and moves blood out of the vein. That allows the agent to achieve better contact with the vein wall.

What Should You Expect from Spider Vein Treatment?

Sclerotherapy doesn't require anesthesia, and there’s no discomfort associated with the procedure. You should walk around to prevent the formation of blood clots, and you can resume regular activity immediately following the procedure.

To avoid bruising, you should avoid painkillers like ibuprofen, as well as hot baths and showers, for the first few days after treatment. Don't participate in strenuous exercise for two weeks following the procedure and try to avoid sun exposure (it can lead to dark spots on your skin).

Treated veins tend to fade within a few weeks. Additional sessions may be needed if new veins appear; however, treated veins will not return.

If you have spider veins, call or make an appointment online today for your free sclerotherapy consultation at Bello Corpo Med Spa, a Massachusetts Department of Health Licensed Medical Clinic.

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