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Experience the Instantly Gratifying Glow of HydraFacial Treatment.

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The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Procedure for All Skin Types

While a HydraFacial might seem like nothing more than an ultra-moisturizing treatment, the in-office procedure goes far beyond the product level. HydraFacial comprises exfoliation using a dermabrasion wand, cleansing using a water and suction wand, and therapy by delivering actives via serums directly onto the new skin beneath to increase penetration and absorption.

The Benefits

The results of the HydraFacial system are immediately noticeable. The universally beneficial treatment is safe for all faces and requires no social downtime.

The treatment helps remove the top layer of skin with mechanical exfoliation, which tricks the skin into thinking it is wounded. As a result, collagen production significantly improves, resulting in a smoother, moisturized, and younger-looking dermis. As with any in-office treatment, eliminate the risk of a bad reaction by seeking a professional skilled at this application.

Anyone can enjoy and benefit from HydraFacial

Your esthetician must perform the exfoliation portion with the utmost care on those with sensitive dermis to prevent extensive redness or irritation. That's not to say those with delicate complexions can't experience the treatment. After all, the final serum traps moisture and repairs the barrier, which is especially beneficial for those with sensitive or moisture-depleted skin.