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Ozone Sauna.

Strengthen The Immune System

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Ozone Sauna

Ozone, or “activated oxygen”, is introduced into a special steam sauna cabinet, where it then is absorbed transdermally (across the skin) of the occupant. The result is a health effect on the occupant that combines the beneficial oxygenation and detoxification effects of both Ozone and Sauna Therapy.

Ozone Sauna assists in detoxification, weight loss, increases energy, decreases stress levels. Ozone Sauna is a therapy for illness through strengthening the immune system.

Benefits of the Ozone Sauna

  • It is a relaxing and non-invasive
  • Burn 400-600 calories per session
  • Stimulate the Immune System
  • Dramatically increase oxygenation of the tissues and cells
  • Purge the body of accumulated toxins such as pesticides
  • Skin purification and stress reduction
  • White blood cell production is increased
  • Provides clearer, softer, and younger-looking skin
  • It cleanses the skin, pores, and lymphatic system
  • Increase the White Blood Cell count

The benefits of a steam sauna on the immune system and disease processes have been well documented. In addition to being relaxing and soothing, a sauna and the accompanying induced hyperthermia on the body, mimics the beneficial effects of a fever, without the discomfort. At 104 degrees F., for example, the growth rate of the polio virus is reduced up to 250 times; at 106 degrees pneumococcus, a bacterium responsible for pneumonia, dies.

By adding ozone into this environment, the ozone is easily absorbed into the skin and lymphatic system because of the open pores. This provides an excellent detoxifying effect and it is also reported that the effects are once again not limited to detoxification, but may induce the desirable system wide effects that is desired in the medical use of ozone: oxygenation of all the tissues, organs, and cells of the body, boosting the immune system, stimulation of the release of anti-cancer substances from the white blood cells of the immune system, enhancement of blood and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Before Ozone Sauna Therapy: Preparing Your Body

If you are extremely overheated from prior exercise, heavy physical labor, being in the sun, or for any other reason, rest for about 15 minutes and allow your body to cool to an appropriate level before entering the sauna. Heatstroke is the absolute extreme of body heating and should be avoided. Too much heat from any source will give you heatstroke.

Remove all jewelry: watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, body piercing metal. If metal gets hot enough, it can burn your skin. Also, tissues swell when the body is heated, so you may find that your rings will hurt or even become stuck on your finger.

Shower or bathe before ozone therapy. Your sweating experience will not be optimal if your skin is already covered with a film of toxins. Showering also helps keep the sauna clean.

During Ozone Sauna Therapy Sessions

Clients are closely monitored to maintain a safe and healthy environment. While the administrator is ultimately responsible for ensuring a safe and successful session, the client also has a role to play. Only the client, fully understands and is in touch with the internal sensations and other feelings they are experiencing. By understanding these during therapy guidelines, clients can play an active role in their own health and the success of their therapy session.

After Ozone Sauna Therapy

Sauna and Ozone Therapy can provide you with much-needed relaxation. It is a vital part of any detoxification program. And it can be an enjoyable experience, helping to restore and rejuvenate you at a less tangible but equally important spiritual level. Follow these after therapy guidelines to help ensure the benefits pleasures and cleansing properties after ozone therapy.

During ozone therapy, the body endures many chemical reactions and changes that need to be addressed post therapy. While these adaptations are healthy, clients should be aware of the changes that have occurred. Rest, either lying down or sitting, for five to 15 minutes. Sweating has put your system through a rigorous workout, so you need time to normalize. If you are ill, do not cool off too quickly. For most people, this is not a problem, but some people with coronary conditions such as acute myocardial infarction may need to be more careful. If you have a heart condition, seek medical supervision before undergoing sauna therapy.